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To be blunt…you work 7 days a week and 20 hours a day to make money.  Real estate is all about value.  There are companies that COST money and there are companies that provide aRETURN for the money you invest.  Are your opportunities limited?  Does your company provide a return on your dollar investment? Look here.

#1 Market Share. That’s right.  RE/MAX is number one in the United States – we sell more real estate across America than anyone.  So what?  More signs in yards, lead to more buyer calls.  More SOLD signs show Sellers which company gets the job done!

Web Leads.  Free! We have multiple channels producing internet leads that turn into closings!  A combination of TV/Radio marketing, paid placement, and SEO practices juice up traffic to our websites and leads to our agents.  

 “RE/MAX Leadstreet has been a huge income source to me.  I’v made more than $55,000 in closed commissions in the last 24 months from – all without a referral fee to RE/MAX!” Bob Little

Text Connect.  Our exclusive listing rider program generates new buyer and seller leads right via text messaging on cell phones.  Great for meeting new buyers, great for Sellers!

National Referrals.  RE/MAX sells 1 in 6 homes in the US! Those agents refer their sellers and buyers across the United States.  Receive referrals from all over the world without dealing with a company relocation department.  Some of our agents close more than $50K a year just in RE/MAX referrals!  All with no fee to the company!  ” I am thankful for the RE/MAX referral network.  It has meant hundreds of thousands of dollars to me and my family over the years.” Iris Fields

Broker Referrals.  Do you have a specialty?  We direct broker to broker referrals to the agents who have developed skills meeting the requests of the referring broker.  No fee to the company!

Walk-ins & Floor calls.  Yes we have them, they are FREE, and our agents close them!  We average more than a walk-in a day and plently of floor time or “up” calls.  Could your business and bank account enjoy a few more closings each year because you were in the office for a few hours each week? 

“I closed my one man shop for the exposure the RE/MAX brand provides. My first week I met a walk-in buyer who bought and closed in 3 weeks leading to an $8600 commission w/ no referral fee.  You hear about these things happening but don’t believe it. It was awesome to experience it!! Baffour Adusei

Open Houses.  Our high inventory of bank owned listings are perfect to conduct very productive open houses.  We have many agents who are happy to let you open their houses to the public. “sitting open houses when I had no inventory of my own was critical for my business.  Thanks to the REO inventory we have, I rarely am without a place to sit open.” D. Gorski

National Brand & High Visibility Locations.  Our locations in retail centers are a little unconventional but build on the huge top of mind with our buying and sell public that RE/MAX has created.

Freedom to Specialize.  Residential? Property management?  Commercial?  Land?  Earn income from any aspect of real estate where you have developed an aptitude.  We don’t dictate our agent’s businesses.

Are you missing opportunity to earn $20,000 maybe $50,000 more a year?  Is your business positioned and packaged to receive income from every channel available? Contact us to chat about where RE/MAX Advantge can add dollars to your business.