Plumbing Claim Deadline Approaching

Pillar to Post Home Inspections is reminding everyone that the Kitec Plumbing Claim Deadline is approaching and it is something that affects every Realtor in Nevada. Homeowners must act by no later than March 31, 2012. Click here to read the full press release on the deadline extension. After March 31st it will be the homeowners/ buyers will be fully responsible for any repairs or replacements on their Kitec plumbing. It is advised that your home inspector is ALWAYS checking for Kitec. If there is any reason to believe that Kitec is installed or the plumbing system cannot be confirmed, have a plumber evaluate it and give a WRITTEN clearance (or confirmation) of Kitec. There is normally a fee for this service but well worth it!!

Indications a property may have Kitec:
-Look for a Kitec sticker in the electrical panel.
-Review the list of builders/ developments with Kitec that have had the deadline extended, Click here
-Check for areas of exposed pipes-attics, laundry rooms, water heater connections, etc.
-Check the main water line to see if the electrical lines are grounded to it.
-Look for decreased water flow, heavy corrosion on visible pipes, or indication of leaks in the plumbing system.

Remember: Nevada Law specifically prohibits home inspectors from conducting destructive testing. In many cases, the only way to confirm Kitec is through a wall penetration. We’ve heard of some home inspectors that are making these wall penetrations. Consider any legal and ethical ramifications before conducting any destructive testing on a property that has not yet transferred ownership.

-For a list of builders/ developments with Kitec that have had the deadline extended, click here. This is an excellent resource, but it is not all inclusive. Kitec can be found in homes not on this list.

-For more information on how to make a claim, please visit the court-appointed claims administrator’s website:

Total Class Solutions contact info:
Total Class Solutions is in charge of the administration of claims. They have the most up to date information on specific properties and can help you file a claim.
Telephone: (800) 622-0130