15 Ideas for a New Real Estate Agent (any real estate agent) by Mike Parker

15 Ideas for a New Real Estate Agent (any real estate agent) by Mike Parker

Mike Parker, CRS is a top agent in the northern Kentucky and greater Cincinnati, OH area.  Mike is a CRS instructor with a strong knowledge of technology and social media.  A question was posed to a group of StarPower agents about ideas for brand new agents.  Here is his reply – and it applies to seasoned agents as well.

Here are my 15 ideas for a brand new agent!

1. Have a notebook computer with a contact manager in the cloud! Also get a Real Pro website if possible!

2. Database of at least 200 people, would have all their contact info (email and phone)

3. Daily schedule to go by! Prospecting would be 25% of my time!
a. Would write 5 hand written notes a day!
b. Door knock 25 doors a day using 50/66 rule
c. Call 5 sphere of influence each day
d. I don’t stop unless I have done 40 contacts each day!

4. Hold open house on homes during the week from 4 pm to 6pm if I have nothing else going on!

5. Set up Social Media tools (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube,Blog)  would use these tools one hour a day.

6. First thing would set written goals for myself and have an accountability partner! Also have a business plan to know where you are going!

7. Training
a. I would get the old Star Power cd’s and listen to each day!
b. I would subscribe to Star Power monthly!
c. I would take CRS 201 listing class, 202 buyer class, 200 business plan class and 210 referral class in the first two years of business!
d. I would shadow somebody in a market one hour away who is doing the amount of business I want to do!

8. I would create a logo and slogan and have a professional picture of myself I would use everywhere!

9. I would find systems that I like, tweet them to your liking and put them in place!

10. Find two great mortgage officers and learn everything about financing I can learn! I would blog about it as I was learning!

11. Have my photo and direct number on all my signs and also my website address!

12. I would schedule one day off each week to stay sharp!

13. I would go and meet the players in that market face to face, every top broker, agent, title and mortgage person and then send a hand written note to each!

14. Develop my elevator speech, what I do in less than 15 seconds!

15. I would offer my services to as many clubs and schools to come in and speak for their club or school!

Hope this help, it is off top of my head!

Thanks Mike!