Video Testimonials – The New King!

Video Testimonials… real punch to your website.

Click here to see some video testimonials on a real estate website.¬† I’ve chosen an Aussie site for entertainment value-love the accents.¬† Going beyond image and text is important to keep people on your site these day.¬† Video is the most searched file type on the net.¬†¬†While these example testimonials are good, they¬†could be better.

Michael Maher spoke recently in Denver about creating relationships and becoming relevant to people in this tough market.¬†He talked about how marketing in today’s challenging¬†times requires a few key points.¬†¬†To summarize; present the challenge, match the service, promote the succesful result.

Using this process, these videos may have more impact if the customers challenge was presented effectively, the agent presented the answer to this challenge, and the result was incredible.

In any case – video is big.¬† It is easy to incorporate into¬†any website and¬†an agent can either adopt this quickly and reap the benefits of early adoption or wait¬†until the uniqueness is gone and it maintstream.¬† Today’s digital cameras have video modes.¬†¬† There are many HD video cameras under¬†$200.00 with easy connectivity to Youttube on the market today.¬† YouTube offers free video channels where you can post video anywhere.¬†¬†

Why is this blog not in video?  I have a cold and my voice sounds horrible.  I also have a face made for radio :-0.   Are you ready to elevate your game?