Hump Day Report 7.14.2010 – HUD,Top 25, CDPE, Harry Hall, BofA Webinars

Hump Day Report 7.14.2010
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Harry Hall Update!
Harry is in the hospital.  He had a very low heart rate and was feeling dizzy.  We’ll keep you posted.  I’m suspicious though – he just came off a 10 day vacation.

From the Opportunity Files
HUD homes
.  They are a huge part of our market now and some interesting changes are coming down the pike.  New 30 day owner-occupant rules for insurable properties, 5 days for non-insurable.   New website, properties coming on the market daily instead of just one day a week and more.  Saw a man who sold 4000 HUD homes today talk about his buyer agent days – pretty interesting.  Did you know $100 dollars down is available?  Learn this market – there are opportunities for paydays.  Look at the numbers through end of June.  667 houses closed, 549 listed (336 in pending), $84,000 is avg sales price, $2,080,612 in commissions have been paid.

From the Company Files
Sandra Thomas  was recognized as REALTOR of the Month for GLVAR for the month of May this past membership luncheon.

Top 25

Check this out – RE/MAX Advantage posts a very strong showing in the Nevada Top 25 through May.  Congratulations to the following for your hard work and success!

Individuals:  Val Hyams (2), Tom Rucci (6), Leslie North (8)
Teams:  Shawn Cunningham (8), Rebecca McKenna (9), Chad Andrew (11), Sandra Thomas (13), Tim Kuptz (14), Iris Fields (15), Jim Eggers (19), Jody Lenzie (21), Dan Edgington (24)

Facebook, can it work?  Anthem agent got a $600K plus referral through friend network in facebook this past week.  I listened in the RE/MAX University to an agent who made 6 figures last year mainly from his social media networks.

Shortsale Addendum.  We have a company short sale disclosure to be signed by EVERY seller in a short sale.  It is in the company library on ZipForms.  It is to be in your company file on the doc manager.  Please implement it immediately.  This was drawn by an short sale attorney to protect us from future action.

Propertyware.  Property managers , we have completed our first round of automatic payments – it was an overall success.  Look what was said by a manager with 160 properties yesterday “Just want to say that I love Property Ware. Everything from marketing to lease extension tracking and on and on. I keep finding things that are so much easier than Property Boss was. And I dont think it’s too soon to say that Echeck is a resounding success story for our office. 134 of my clients are signed up on this and so far not a single real complaint. If no one else says thank you for making the effort this year, I’ll be the first and hopefully not the last.”

From the Education Files
CRS Sell-a-Bration.  Starts on Monday and goes through to Wednesday.  It’s  awesome to have this in our backyard.  Shawn Cunningham is speaking on a panel about short sales.  I will be teaching on a panel about reinventing your business in a changing market.  Hope to see you there!

!!!!!CDPE Seminar in Las Vegas!!!!!  I want to personally congratulate RE/MAX Advantage for having 10% of the students in the class.  The following I know are in the class today and tomorrow; Thuy Hilliard, Bret Balance, Diane Dobson, Jacque Lowrie, Herb Lauteren, Joey Wakeen, Donna Cusey.  Like we lead the city in CRS designees, we will lead our market in CDPEs!

Bank of America Webinars.  Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight into new directives with Bank of America.

Webinar #1: The Bank of America Traditional Short Sale Process
Date: Wednesday, July 21
Time: Noon Eastern / 9:00 a.m. Pacific
Hear about:

  • Navigating and assisting the borrower with the Bank of America short sale process
  • Tips to avoid delays in processing
  • Using the Equator tool to complete the transaction
  • Questions from real estate professionals

Webinar #2: Completing a Short Sale under HAFA
Date: Wednesday, July 28
Time: Noon Eastern / 9:00 a.m. Pacific

Hear about:

  • The government’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program and the differences from a traditional short sale
  • How real estate professionals can facilitate the process
  • Questions from real estate professionals

To register for one or both events click this link:

Credit Counseling Workshop.  Credit Source One (company that presented at the bank) notified us of their next workshop.  If you recall, this company helps restore credit and does it well.  We need buyers in the coming years – these guys are critical to helping our upside sellers become buyers again.  Check below for the flier.  Thanks to Rebecca McKenna for sharing this with us.

From the Technology Files
iPad.  Have any of you bought one of these and have you incorporated it into your business at all?  Please share your experiences with me.

From the News to Use Files
Look tomorrow on our company blog for June sale statistics – breakdown of sale terms (cash/loan/other) and % of sale type market share.  You will be able to forward to your social media network in just a click!

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