Las Vegas RE/MAX Advantage Hump Day Report 7.7.2010

Las Vegas RE/MAX Advantage Hump Day Report 7.7.2010

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Quick Reminder!
There will be no office meeting this July.  It is a very busy month with conferences (CRS, Mike Ferry, StarPower) and education/designation classes (CDPE).  With all the choices available and many of them right here in our backyard, go get some inspiration and motivation!

From the Opportunity Files

Several of our company agents have renewed their farming regimens to secure listings.  AS we have talked before, this market is as “regular” as one can get.  The only thing missing is equity.  Local stats show that more than 30% of our closings are short sales.  One Anthem agent said last week in the hall “I’m going to CDPE because I can’t refer half of my business opportunities to other agents”  She is starting to farm an area again as well.

Dan Edgington (Anthem) went to the class about buying houses at the trustee sale auction.  Said the info was good and the class was packed! An advanced class maybe coming.  This was done by FATCO.  Look for future announcements for this class – this is an opportunity to play with investors and flippers.

From the Company Files

Some very interesting statistics regarding median price.  Market-wide, the median price for Las Vegas detached houses in June this year was the same number as last.  Our company Average Joe Index shows some interesting trend lines for 1500, 2000, and 2500 square foot houses.  Go here to download the report.  Use it to communicate with your clients, on listing appointments, or buyer consultants.

Look for some additional stats coming this week as we look at closings by term, inventory, and supply numbers.  FYI, for the first time in more than 2 years, we have consecutive weeks of increasing inventory numbers.

Todd Akes (anthem) qualified for his CRS designation this past month.  Congratulations Todd!  By the way, did you know Todd has one of the baddest ’69 Camaros on the planet – check it out.

Check this out!  RE/MAX Corporate and our agent network are featured in the largest circulated industry magazine RISMedia this month.  Click here to see the spread in a really cool “book-like” website –

From the Education Files

Check out the RE/MAX Mainstreet calendar.  There are many opportunities to learn about the technology RE/MAX has to offer.  Use it, it can make you rich!

Don’t forget to get into the local CDPE class.  Click here for information  We now have 3 agents taking this course for the first time and one doing a “re-audit”.  Would love to see as many there as possible.

From the Technology Files

Droid X by Motorola debuts this month on the 15th (Verizon).  EVO is the first 4G phone (Sprint) and the early feedback is this is one awesome phone.  It is available now. Who got a 4G Apple iPhone?  I would love some feedback on it!

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