RE/MAX Hump Day Report 6.30.2010

RE/MAX Hump Day Report 6.30.2010

Hump Day Report 6.30.2010
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This is also the Hump Day Report for the year 2010.  Can you believe it?  Half the year is over, leaving only 6 months to achieve the goals we set forth at the beginning of the year.  You did set goals right?

Big News!
There will be no office meeting this July.  It is a very busy month with conferences (CRS, Mike Ferry, StarPower) and education/designation classes (CDPE).  I sincerely hope you take advantage of the opportunity to invest in yourself and increase your earning power.

From the Opportunity Files
The 2010 RE/MAX Advertising Kit is available for associates within Mainstreet.  Go to Marketing then Ad Kit to get TV, Radio, Print, and Online ads ready to be customized with your contact information.

Are you using your free IDX website provided by RE/MAX through Leadstreet?  Login in to Mainstreet and activate your free lead generating website.

A little icing for your cake?  The last 4 weeks brought 23 walk-ins, 43 floor calls, 84 web leads from and our own site.

Are you using your free company IDX and lead generating website?  Login to the Extranet and click on web manager.  Follow the very simple step-by-step process to launch your site.

From the Company Files
Harry Hall, our Broker of the Summerlin location, is retiring and moving to Bend Oregon.  Lucky dude to do it in the middle of summer!  We will miss Harry.  He has been the only Broker for Advantage in the Summerlin location.  Harry hopes to wind down and transition out of his position by August 1st.

Did you know?  RE/MAX International is no longer.  RE/MAX transitioned from an incorporated company to a limited liability company.  While doing so, they decided to be just “RE/MAX”.

!!!!!!!!!!! State Business License Renewals Due TODAY!  Go here

From the Education Files
Thought this class was an interesting topic.  Many of you have asked how the “flippers” are getting these deals.  Here is an opportunity to find out about the process and an angle to drum up some new business.

Don’t forget to get into the local CDPE class.  RE/MAXers get $200 discount!  Click here for information

From the Technology Files
Smartphone? Apple’s 4th generation iPhone sold 1.7 million units over the 3 day weekend – there is a problem with the antenna in the bezel of the phone – look for a bug fix.  Alternatively, Verizon launches a new Droid based phone called the X by Motorola on July 15 that will also work as a mobile hotspot for wi-fi computing.  Droid based phones are the fastest selling mobile phone platform today.  I’ve ordered one for myself.

Just Announced TODAY!  Verizon to carry the iPhone in January 2011.

Microsoft Office 2010 is now available for download.  Pretty cool upgrades for Outlook alone.

From the News to Use Files
Good news for the local economy?  Read about our taxable sales increase (the first in 19 months) here.

Statistically speaking.  64% of statistics are made up on the spot.  The other 41% do not make sense due to rounding or just bad math.

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