Did you hear? STAR POWER Club is relaunching!

I’m a member! Are you?

It’s official … STAR POWER is being relaunched under new leadership! As a STAR POWER Star it’s incredibly exciting to be involved in the continuation of STAR POWER into a new era of industry leadership.

Lots of changes have been made to the program, including creation of a new monthly magazine, new spotlight videos on DVD monthly, organization of historical content in the newly branded STARCHIVES, and the new STAR POWER website with highly interactive forums. To learn more, visit:    http://www.gostarpower.com/go?w=gostar&p=a258

I’m proud to be a part of this extraordinary organization helping thousands of agents across the country learn how to be more successful, both professionally and personally.

Agents interested in elevating their business should definitely look into joining STAR POWER Club. Again, the site is:  http://www.gostarpower.com/go?w=gostar&p=a258

STAR POWER is … Success Shared™.