Housing Market Recovery, Do We Have a Plan?

Dave Liniger, Founder and Chairman of RE/MAX, challenged both presidential candidates to step up to the plate and lay out a plan to right America’s housing market. Liniger questioned how the candidates focused their debates solely on the economy and unemployment while continuing to ignore the issue of the housing market. He challenged the candidates to give the American people a plan of action for how we will move forward and use the market to boost the economy as we have time and time before. Liniger said “housing does have the ability to promote a stronger overall recovery if it is allowed to do so, but it will take real political leadership in the White House and Congress to acknowledge this fact and take the appropriate steps.” There was an overwhelming response to Liniger’s remarks, and the vast majority of respondents support Liniger’s views, saying it’s time to stop the avoidance of important issues. Click here to view the discussion and Liniger’s letter challenging the White House and Congress to address the issues of the housing market. Share your thoughts on Liniger’s letter and the market.