Harry Hall Resigns from Broker in Summerlin

Thank you Harry Hall!  Today, Harry resigned from leadership in our Summerlin office and essentially retired from full-time real estate.  Who is Harry?  Seven years ago, Joan and I were evaluating the acquisition of a northwest located real estate operation.  A broker would be needed once the acquisition was completed.  Through an introduction of a great man, Frank Torian, we started a series of meetings to determine whether we could work together.  Important to both of us were integrity, progressive in education, leadership by example, and fierce defense and loyalty to our agents.  We found our broker.

Great leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  Many have tough exteriors like Harry.  It is important to have a tough, no-nonsense exterior in this business, as many are out to take advantage of the meek.  Many found Harry to be no push over when it came to defending the practices of his agents.  But his agents knew a different Harry – the Harry who came to work every day to serve his family.  He made fans of those he supported.  He was their defender. He yelled at those who accused, stood firm with those who tried to reach into the pockets of his agents, and had an affair with ice cream.  He practiced the customer is always right and in our practice, it is the agent.  Those who took the time, found out he has a big heart and always willing to help. 

Away from work, Harry’s got a great girl – Kathy.  They have been going and going for many years serving others and now it’s their turn to focus on them.

Harry is like Forest Gump.  He has done many different things, served in the Marines, raced drag boats, owned a trucking company, sold ranches, then big city real estate.  Many things influenced Harry and shaped him in the salt-of-the-earth type of guy.  For me, I appreciate Harry’s willing to debate, his convictions, old school values where one’s word is their bond, and his loyalty.  Most though, I appreciate his friendship and father-like qualities.  I am going to miss that most.

Harry is moving on to an easier life – one without all the stress we real estate agents feel for ourselves and our clients.  We have a tough job.  After nearly 2 decades of service to the Las Vegas community and seven years to RE/MAX Advantage, Harry and Kathy embark on a new chapter in their lives. 

This is no good bye, it’s a “so long for now”.  Good luck my friend and thank you.