Hump Day Report 5.12.2010

Hump Day Report 5.12.2010

 Agents, I start my report recommending the HAFA training @ GLVAR by our attorney Deanne.  I have heard many great things about this class and it is updated daily to deliver the most current information available.  Go here for the calendar …

Positive Point.  Anthem agent stopped by my door and relayed that in the previous 4 days he has gotten 2 RE/MAX agent referrals and a lead with whom he has an appointment this weekend.  They also relayed they have more in escrow now than in a long time…awesome!  Got some positive news to share? Let me know.

CRS ProAct 2010.  Coming here in June from the 7th to the 12th @ Bally’s.  As the market continues to recover and people move around again – the CRS is a huge bonus for your career.  Ask Iris Fields what it has meant to her over the years in terms of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in referral income and the education to boot!  Go here to learn more and get your education @ nearly half off!

Are you getting yours? In the last 2 weeks, we’ve had 14 walk-ins, 33 floor calls, and 22 web leads delivered to agents. 

The first 4 months has resulted in approximately $132,000 in referral commission income for company agents based on referral commissions paid!  We expect this number to continue to increase as news about Las Vegas and our incredible deals continue to spread across the fruited plain – another reason to get your CRS – it is the among most searched criteria for referrals in our network.

What are you rants on appraisals?  Jim told me this week is 6 for 6 on low appraisals in his last 6 deals.  I spoke to Val Hyams as well and she has pretty much the same story – she spends more time fighting low appraisals than she does listing new REOs.  Please share with me some information as I am preparing a blog post on this subject.

Last, RE/MAX University has launched some really cool Quick Hit videos  Here is a quick clip for establishing your own YouTube video channel – free. Click here

There’s business out there..go and get your share with a purpose filled day.  It will not come to you.